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Creating a excellent sounding personal audio device, for me, has been a joyful experience. For years I have avoided using digital mp3 formatted devices, due to their inherent lack of quality. Even the Apple lossless file formats I have heard do not compare favorably to compact disks.

In 2012, I started to experiment with digitally recording- analog sources- using a high speed computer, with special power filtering. I was amazed with the results.  I was able to achieve superb sound on direct play back from the computer and I was also able to faithfully transfer the recordings to a seventh generation ipod classic. I now had a portable device with the ability to store and reproduce the best of my digital compact disks.

I have been using and sharing these devices for several years and they are nothing sort of miraculous! One can walk with the device and have the very best musical experience. The music is lively, coherent, natural, and involving. There in no listener fatigue, harshness, or dullness.  My personal devices are loaded with meditation music comprised of new age, classical, and world music, but I can specifically record and transfer any music to these devices.

Contact me if you are interested in finding out more. Prices for the device and the recording processing start at $900.00-$1000.00